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CC Mode Manual

CC Mode is a GNU Emacs mode for editing files containing C, C++, Objective-C, Java, CORBA IDL (and the variants PSDL and CIDL), Pike code and to a certain extent, AWK code See section 12. Status of AWK Mode. It provides syntax-based indentation, font locking, and has several handy commands and some minor modes to make the editing easier. It does not provide tools to look up and navigate between functions, classes etc - there are other packages for that.

1. Introduction  
2. Getting Connected  
3. Indentation Engine  
4. Minor Modes  
5. Text Filling and Line Breaking  
6. Macro Handling  
7. Font Locking  
8. Commands  
9. Customizing Indentation  
10. Syntactic Symbols  
11. Indentation Functions  
12. Status of AWK Mode  
13. Odds and Ends  
14. Performance Issues  
15. Limitations and Known Bugs  
A. Frequently Asked Questions  
B. Getting the Latest CC Mode Release  
C. Mailing Lists and Submitting Bug Reports  
D. Sample .emacs file  
-- Indices ---
Command and Function Index  
Variable Index  
Concept Index  
-- The Detailed Node Listing ---
Indentation Engine
3.1 Syntactic Analysis  
3.2 Indentation Calculation  
Minor Modes
4.1 Auto-newline Insertion  
4.2 Hungry-deletion of Whitespace  
Font Locking
7.1 Font Locking Preliminaries  
7.2 Faces  
7.3 Documentation Comments  
Auto-newline Insertion
4.1.1 Hanging Braces  
4.1.2 Hanging Colons  
4.1.3 Hanging Semicolons and Commas  
4.1.4 Other Electric Commands  
4.1.5 Clean-ups  
8.1 Indentation Commands  
8.2 Movement Commands  
8.3 Other Commands  
Customizing Indentation
9.1 Interactive Customization  
9.2 Permanent Customization  
9.3 Hooks  
9.4 Styles  
9.5 Advanced Customizations  
9.4.1 Built-in Styles  
9.4.2 Choosing a Style  
9.4.3 Adding and Amending Styles  
9.4.4 File Styles  
Advanced Customizations
9.5.1 Custom Indentation Functions  
9.5.2 Custom Brace and Colon Hanging  
9.5.3 Customizing Semicolons and Commas  
9.5.4 Other Special Indentations  
AWK Mode
12.1 AWK mode - What to put in your `.emacs' or `init.el'  
12.2 AWK Mode Font Locking  
12.3 AWK Mode Defuns  

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