***** rsync started at Thu Mar 30 01:02:01 IST 2017 *****

receiving incremental file list abdera/ accumulo/ ace/ activemq/ airavata/ allura/ ambari/ ant/ any23/ apex/ apr/ archiva/ aries/ arrow/ asterixdb/ aurora/ avro/ axis/ bahir/ beam/ beehive/ bigtop/ bloodhound/ bookkeeper/ brooklyn/ buildr/ bval/ calcite/ camel/ cassandra/ cayenne/ celix/ chemistry/ chukwa/ clerezza/ click/ climate/ cloudstack/ cocoon/ commons/ continuum/ cordova/ couchdb/ creadur/ crunch/ ctakes/ curator/ cxf/ db/ deltacloud/ deltaspike/ devicemap/ directmemory/ directory/ drill/ eagle/ empire-db/ esme/ etch/ excalibur/ falcon/ felix/ flex/ flink/ flume/ forrest/ geode/ geronimo/ giraph/ gora/ groovy/ hadoop/ hama/ harmony/ hbase/ helix/ hive/ hivemind/ httpcomponents/ httpd/ ibatis/ ignite/ incubator/ isis/ jackrabbit/ jakarta/ james/ jclouds/ jena/ jmeter/ johnzon/ jspwiki/ juddi/ kafka/ karaf/ knox/ kudu/ kylin/ lens/ lenya/ libcloud/ logging/ lucene/ lucenenet/ lucy/ mahout/ manifoldcf/ marmotta/ maven/ mesos/ metamodel/ mina/ mirror-tests/ mrunit/ myfaces/ nifi/ nutch/ ode/ ofbiz/ olingo/ oltu/ onami/ oodt/ oozie/ openjpa/ openmeetings/ opennlp/ openoffice/ openwebbeans/ orc/ parquet/ pdfbox/ perl/ phoenix/ pig/ pivot/ poi/ portals/ qpid/ ranger/ rave/ reef/ river/ roller/ samza/ santuario/ sentry/ serf/ servicemix/ shale/ shindig/ shiro/ sis/ sling/ spamassassin/ spark/ sqoop/ stanbol/ stdcxx/ storm/ stratos/ struts/ subversion/ synapse/ syncope/ tajo/ tapestry/ tcl/ tez/ thrift/ tika/ tiles/ tinkerpop/ tomcat/ tomee/ trafficserver/ turbine/ tuscany/ twill/ uima/ usergrid/ vcl/ velocity/ vxquery/ whirr/ wicket/ wicket/8.0.0-M5/ wicket/8.0.0-M5/CHANGELOG-8.x wicket/8.0.0-M5/apache-wicket-8.0.0-M5.tar.gz wicket/8.0.0-M5/apache-wicket-8.0.0-M5.zip wicket/8.0.0-M5/binaries/ wicket/8.0.0-M5/binaries/apache-wicket-8.0.0-M5-bin.tar.gz wicket/8.0.0-M5/binaries/apache-wicket-8.0.0-M5-bin.zip wink/ wookie/ ws/ xalan/ xerces/ xml/ xmlbeans/ xmlgraphics/ yetus/ zeppelin/ zest/ zookeeper/ zzz/ zzz/find-ls.gz zzz/time.txt deleting wicket/8.0.0-M4/binaries/apache-wicket-8.0.0-M4-bin.zip deleting wicket/8.0.0-M4/binaries/apache-wicket-8.0.0-M4-bin.tar.gz deleting wicket/8.0.0-M4/binaries/ deleting wicket/8.0.0-M4/apache-wicket-8.0.0-M4.zip deleting wicket/8.0.0-M4/apache-wicket-8.0.0-M4.tar.gz deleting wicket/8.0.0-M4/CHANGELOG-8.x deleting wicket/8.0.0-M4/ Number of files: 18,437 (reg: 15,583, dir: 2,626, link: 228) Number of created files: 7 (reg: 5, dir: 2) Number of deleted files: 7 (reg: 5, dir: 2) Number of regular files transferred: 7 Total file size: 124,292,220,580 bytes Total transferred file size: 43,209,074 bytes Literal data: 43,095,730 bytes Matched data: 113,344 bytes File list size: 513,372 File list generation time: 0.001 seconds File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds Total bytes sent: 8,044 Total bytes received: 43,764,849 sent 8,044 bytes received 43,764,849 bytes 2,501,308.17 bytes/sec total size is 124,292,220,580 speedup is 2,839.48
***** rsync finished at Thu Mar 30 01:02:39 IST 2017 *****